United in a Common Purpose

21 of us gathered at Sharewear today to collate the clothes for our packs for street homeless in Nottingham. In addition to this we put together 40 packs of clothes for next week’s outreach deliveries and caught up on the vast amount of generous donations from recent weeks. On a day which will go down in history as one of the darkest of our time, a single purpose brought us together: Christians of every denomination, Muslims, people who do not profess a faith, children and adults, young and old, refugees from Sudan and British folk, people of every background, both known to us already and some new friends. As well as being a productive afternoon where we achieved all of our tasks, it was also a very humbling experience. A million thanks to all of you who gave up your afternoon for the benefit of others.

sharewear clothing scheme

A new friend who joined us thanks to NCVS Funding’s facebook share of our appeal getting stuck in.

sharewear clothing scheme

The task awaits us…..

sharewear clothing schemesharewear clothing scheme



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