Serving Jesus, Serving Others

sharewear clotging scheme

It’s still National Volunteering week until 12th June. But of course, volunteering doesn’t have to be about this week only. One of the best ways of serving our neighbour is to volunteer a bit of time for the good of others. Just this week two people have joined our team from our advert on, and three others have said they want to give time for just one day as part of a volunteering scheme run by their employer. Some like Ian, pictured above, come every week; others come every few weeks on a rota. No matter what your reasons or availability, there is a place for you on the Sharewear team. We are currently recruiting for Fridays 10 — 3 and Wednesdays 12 — 3.30.  You don’t need to stay for the whole time and you don’t need to come every week. We are expanding rapidly across Nottingham and we need more people to help us meet demand. Please contact us with the form below if you are interested or directly on 07724 118666.


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