BBC’s Make A Difference Campaign

At Sharewear we know the importance of having suitable activewear and it is something we are passionate in providing for those who need it and that’s why we are so delighted to be a part of the BBC’s Make a Difference Kit Out the Nation Campaign. 

The campaign runs for a month, and is aimed at taking in and distributing unwanted, good condition sports kit and getting it to children and teenagers who need it at a time when the pandemic has seen levels of exercise among young people plummet.  By donating your sports kit and activewear to Sharewear Sheffield, you can help children and teenagers to lead a more active life, improving both physical and mental wellbeing.

Please bring your donations on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9:30 – 2:30pm to:

Ground Floor Thorne House, 188 Norfolk Street, Sheffield S1 1SY.

You can also show support for the campaign by using the #BBCMakeADifference hashtag.