Clothing Poverty Awareness Week 2022

Our fifth Clothing Poverty Awareness Week is 6th – 12th June 2022, and it was never more needed!

In spite of the Cost of Living Crisis and the increased focus on energy and food prices, the affordability of clothing continues to receive little attention. Clothing prices have risen by 11%, making it even more difficult for ordinary people in a range of challenging situations to have full access to their Right to Clothing.

The Right to Clothing is a fundamental Human Right, denied to millions of the 14 million people* living in poverty in the UK today (*2017 UN report). We believe that our work alleviating clothing poverty through the redistribution of different types of so-called clothing ‘waste’ allows people to have equal access to their Right to Clothing. But we’re also calling for this Right to have equal status in UK Law with other rights, such as the Right to Food and the Right to Shelter, and that provision be made in UK Policy Making to ensure all members of society can fully access this Right. Lack of full access to this Right prevents people from both simply functioning or also flourishing in life.
Join us this year, as we launch the #RightToClothing campaign during #ClothingPovertyAwarenessWeek

Take to Social Media, use our hashtags, #RightToClothing & #ClothingPovertyAwarenessWeek and download and share our graphics and posters here (please download both files): 

This year, inspired by the amazing #FashionRevolutionWeek, we’re asking you to download the poster “I have the Right to Clothing” and post a photo of yourself holding it, wearing some of your favourite clothes.
We suggest the following for your post  ” I love being able to pick the right clothes for the right need from my wardrobe. In the UK today, millions of people aren’t able to do this as a result of poverty or economic hardship. In fact, they can’t afford even the most basic of clothing.
Join Sharewear Clothing Scheme’s campaign to bring equal access to the Right to Clothing to everyone in the UK”.  Please add the link to this website page into your post to encourage others to download these resources.
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