Your unwanted clothes mean so much to those who are without

People often say they have ‘nothing to wear’ as they look through their wardrobes and closets full of clothes. For some ‘nothing to wear’ means only the clothes on their backs….

Our clothing

All of our clothing has been generously donated by the public through our various donation points.

We accept clothing items in all sizes:

  • Women’s clothing, coats and shoes
  • Men’s clothing, coats and shoes
  • Children’s (Girls & Boys) clothing, coats and shoes
  • Infants/Toddlers (Girls & Boys) clothing, coats and shoes
  • Bedding, sheets and bath towels
  • New or nearly new unstained duvets and pillows

We can take pre-loved clothes as well as new ones, however we will only use clothes which are of a very high quality. Please be aware that we can only accept brand new knickers and pants.

Please note we DO NOT accept food, toiletries, household goods, furniture, toys or anything not listed above.

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