Half-Term Volunteering

sharewear clothing scheme

Great to have help from young people once again on their half-term holiday today. At the same time as making a further delivery to ward F20 of the QMC we were able to do an audit of male clothing, so that we are ready for the next one! Feedback from ward staff shows that our clothes are having an immediate impact in helping people get back on their feet and helping patients distinguish between night and day on the ward. This aids their recovery by providing a routine and also helps the dedicated nursing staff to help their patients to recover.


Support from the Four Counties of the Catholic Diocese

sharewear clothing scheme

Wonderful to be present tonight at a ‘Fashion Show’ held by SPANNED (Supporting Adults with Addtional Needs in the Nottingham Diocese). Participants posed on a catwalk dressed in bin-liner outfits and Fr Frank Daly talked to them about people sleeping in bin liners. We were presented with a cheque for £500 collected by the five branches of SPANNED in Nottingham, Scunthorpe, Hinckley, Loughborough and Derby. We also received a van full of clothes donations and individual donations from SPANNED volunteers to buy new underwear for our clients. All of this happened because FR Frank had seen recent coverage  in national papers The Catholic Universe and The Catholic Herald about our partnership with St. John Houghton School. Perhaps best of all…. everyone had a wonderful time.

Clothes Distribution On The Road


sharewear clothing scheme

Thanks to another team of one-off volunteers from Tuntum Housing Association today we were able to provide clothing support at a community event in Hyson Green , at the request of the Berridge Ward councillors.  53 people had clothing support monitored by the team, whilst over at our base the usual team dealt with three referrals and processed two large deliveries.

Sharewear is the Perfect Fit

sharewear clothing scheme

A woman today was absolutely thrilled to have this pair of jeans as part of the clothes she was able to get from us. “YES!!” she said ” Finally I’ve got a pair of jeans that fit me properly! Even when I could buy them I always struggled to get the right fit.”  Having access to decent clothing is a basic human right. Getting something you are so pleased with, as people always seem to do at Sharewear, is a huge psychological boost, and has a positive impact on people’s efforts to rebuild their lives.

Helping End PJ Paralysis

sharewear clothing scheme

Today we made the first of regular deliveries to staff at QMC wards C4, 5 and 6 and F20. This is one of two cages of clothes that will be used for older people who have no support network to supply them with day clothes while in hospital. These wards are running the campaign to Get Up, Get Dressed, Get Moving to help patients recover more efficiently both physically and psychologically from surgery and other trauma. Having a range of high quality clothes to choose from will encourage them to leave their pyjamas behind and start the road to recovery.

Clothes for the Sit Up Service

sharewear clothing schemeToday we made a further delivery to the British Red Cross in Nottingham for the ‘Sit Up Service’ being run by Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service, British Red Cross Volunteers, Framework and Nottingham City Council Community Protection Officers. This is a scheme, thought to be ground-breaking in the country, where rough sleepers can access simple shelter at London Road Fire Station when the temperature drops. As well as a roof over their head, safety and warm food and drink, those using the service are given appropriate clothes supplied by ourselves.