Sharewear Sherwood

Sherwood Methodist Church

This is our additional donation drop-off point in Sherwood where we take delivery of clothing, shoes and bedding.

Our donation drop-off times are

Saturdays 10.30am – 12noon

Sherwood Methodist Church 4 Devon Drive Nottingham NG5 2EN

We will gladly accept the following items in all sizes:

  • Women’s clothing, coats and shoes
  • Men’s clothing, coats and shoes
  • Children’s (Girls & Boys) clothing, coats and shoes
  • Infants/Toddlers (Girls & Boys) clothing, coats and shoes
  • Bedding, sheets, duvets, pillows and bath towels

We can take pre-loved clothes as well as new ones, however we will only use clothes which are of a very high quality. Please be aware that we can only accept brand new knickers and pants.

If donated clothes can’t be used for quality reasons, they are collected by Savannah Rags which gives us a small payment per kilo. This vital money is used to reimburse bus fare for volunteers, who would not be able to travel to our base to work without this support.

Please note we DO NOT accept food, toiletries, household goods, furniture, toys or anything not listed above.

Volunteers sorting through ladies clothes donations