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Since March 2014

Sharewear Clothing Scheme

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186 Tonnes

of clothes diverted from landfill

Since January 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

How can my school or college get involved with Sharewear? 

You can join our ReLived by Sharewear scheme, to be able to donate clothing regularly and receive certificates stating how much clothing your school community has diverted from landfill and how many people in the UK that clothing went on to support, free of charge. More details at Donate clothing – join our ReLived scheme 

You could Join our Sharewear Schools Partnership Programme to access assemblies, talks and workshops about clothing waste and its environmental impact. 

More information from our CEO Louise Cooke on 

How can my brand form a relationship with Sharewear? 

Several brands provide us with their end of line stock or seconds. See our Supporter Brands section.  To enquire about forming a partnership with us contact our CEO Louise Cooke on 

How can my firm access corporate volunteering days at Sharewear? 

Since September 2022, Corporate Volunteering opportunities now form part of our ReLived by Sharewear subscription service.  More details at Donate clothing – join our ReLived scheme. Email info@sharewearclothingscheme to make enquiries. 

How do I become a major benefactor? 

Since January 2022, Sharewear has benefitted from the support of two benefactors who, between them, have enabled us to offer more employment opportunities and to acquire  our National Processing and Distribution Centre. 

If you are interested in becoming a major funder of our vital work alleviating clothing poverty, please contact our CEO Louise Cooke on 

What does Sharewear do with its textiles waste?

Clothes, textiles, and shoes donations that we are unable to make available to those we support due to poor quality are collected by WARD – a family run business local to our HQ.  Any items WARD are not able to sell to textiles recyclers or for repurpose are processed into wiper rags or energy from waste, to keep them out of landfill. WARD are full members of the Textile Recycling Association, thus always working to the highest industry standards. More information here: