Partnering with National Institution YMCA


sharewear clothing schemeOn  a very busy session today we clothed five families and processed the first of our bulk deliveries to our latest partner Notts YMCA. We are so proud to have been asked to become the supplier of clothes to this wonderful institution locally, enabling some of the 300 in their temporary accommodation at any one time to be able to have access to good quality, clean, warm clothing. And when they are able to move into accommodation of their own we will be providing them with the bedding they need to set up. Our enormous stock levels mean that we can easily supply YMCA with clothes on an ongoing basis, as the adults they support move on, and new ones arrive.


Delivering to Partners and Distribution Points

sharewear clothing scheme

Chris and Ian ready for deliveries in their matching Sharewear T-shirts.

Wow, what an amazing day down at Sharewear today!  A full team of volunteers were able to catch up with some of the backlog of donations from recent weeks, as well as process lots of stock for deliveries. Between the four deliveries made to some of our outreach partners and distribution points today by Chris, Ian and Linda, we clothed a record-breaking 112 people from one session!! Thanks so much to the team for all their hard work. We achieved so much in just a few hours. Special thanks to Callum Garrat who completed his D of E community service hours with us today, which he began in February. It was also great to have a visit from Hilary Brown, of WeRHere charity, who have joined us as a referral agent.  Thanks to Hilary’s advice we hope to bring many more referral agents and partners located within Gedling Borough on board soon. If you have only recently joined us as a clothes donor please can we remind you of the principle we apply to donations? If the condition of a piece of clothing means you would not wear it yourself or want to see a member of your family in it, then please do NOT donate it to us. It will not make it into our stock. Our service users deserve no less than the quality we would want for ourselves. Thank you for your help on this, and for your ongoing support for our service.

Sharewear Welcomes New Partner Last Orders

sharewear clothing scheme

Today we welcomed Last Orders, Recovery in Nottingham, as an outreach partner. They received their first delivery from us of men’s and women’s clothes, as well as clothes suitable for job interviews and a selection of bedding. Hopefully these will enable their staff to give even more support to their service users, helping them to transform their own lives and move on from the place they currently find themselves in. Sharewear Clothing Scheme: Combatting crisis and creating change.