Asian Women’s Project Becomes First Distribution Point for Sharewear Clothes in Berridge Ward

sharewear clothing schemeWhat a productive day at Sharewear!! Well done team!! We clothed 11 people, including an unborn child who is due any day, and Mum got lots of baby bedding and other baby products. She arrived completely lacking what she needed for the birth and left on cloud nine, totally prepared!! One of the refugee families has been rehoused since we last saw them and we were able to provide them with all the bedding and curtains they need for their new home. In addition to this we prepared 13  packs for future deliveries and made an outreach delivery of 36 packs. So many success stories, and perhaps the biggest of all is that we welcomed Asian Women’s Project as our first official distribution point in Berridge ward. The project will be distributing our clothes to families in need in the Hyson Green area, and began the partnership with us today by receiving enough clothes for 51 people.  So in total today the team clothed 98 people! The place was buzzing.

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