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  • Sharewear Welcomes New Partner St. John Houghton School

    Today at Sharewear we were pleased to supply our latest outreach partner, St John Houghton Houghton School, Kirk Hallam, with clothes for 36 people. In addition to this we clothed another 14 people, 6 adults by delivery and two families who were referred to us today. This means that on our first Friday session in March […]

  • Sharewear Expansion Talks Begin

    Today at Sharewear we welcomed Rebecca Sanders, on a visit from Sheffield! Rebecca is one of those inspired by our recent national media coverage to look into setting up a similar scheme in her city.  After doing some preliminary research, Rebecca is now looking into possible premises so that  ‘Sharewear Sheffield’ can become a reality.  […]

  • In The Independent Online Today!

  • More Media Coverage, More Partners and More People Helped!

    Another very productive day at Sharewear today. Not only did we clothe nine people, and six more by delivery, but we also played host to Hayley from Radio Nottingham. Listen out for her report on air on Monday 29th February. More details when we have it. The same day a piece was put up on The Independent […]

  • Another Busy Session, but still time for Notts TV!

    Today at Sharewear we clothed 19 people — 6 adults and 13 children, one as yet unborn. There was also a constant stream of people bringing in donations. One lady was delighted to have found a pair of size 12 trainers for her son, something she has always struggled to find! And somehow, in the […]

  • Sharewear Featured in The Guardian.  

  • Take the ShareForty Challenge and Donate to us this Lent

    Looking for an easy challenge in Lent? Why not take part in the ShareForty Challenge? For each of the forty days of Lent (starting 10th February) place one unwanted item from your wardrobe in a bin bag. At the end of Lent (Easter) donate the filled bin bag to Sharewear. We will share your donation with […]

  • Busy Sharewear Session Just Before our Open Day

    Well, it seems safe to say that our new longer opening hours of 10.30 am until 2pm have already proved very popular! We dealt with six very varied referrals today, clothing 14 people (8 adults and 6 children).  It was amazing to have so much SPACE to work in, to greet clothes donors, to allow children […]

  • Sharewear Starts Working with new Partner, The Peaceful Trust

    It was great today to start working with the Uhuru (Peaceful) Trust, who are going to collect our waste from us from now on. Check out what they do below.