Take the ShareForty Challenge and Donate to us this Lent

Start with an empty bin bag……

Looking for an easy challenge in Lent? Why not take part in the ShareForty Challenge? For each of the forty days of Lent (starting 10th February) place one unwanted item from your wardrobe in a bin bag. At the end of Lent (Easter) donate the filled bin bag to Sharewear. We will share your donation with people in need in Nottingham, helping them to combat crisis and create change in their own lives.  Items you could donate include any item of adult or children’s clothing, bedding, towels and shoes. We are particularly short of teenage boys clothing right now.  Alternatively why not consider, as a whole family, donating £1.00 for each day of Lent?  Or, if you have given something up, donating the money you would have spent on that item in each of the six weeks of Lent? However much you can contribute, we promise that your money will go directly to helping us keep our unique service going by spending it on vital equipment.  If you want to go one step further, we are still looking for people to take out standing orders or make a donation from their own businesses. All people who do so will become members of Sharewear Clothing Scheme and have the right to help us shape our policy by attending our AGM. Email sharewearclothingscheme@gmail.com for further details.  Last year we clothed 475 people. This year we look set to have at least 700 people needing our help. Can you help us to help them?

…. and donate the full one to us at Easter!

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