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  • Helping out in a Family Crisis

    Your donations helped this woman out today who unexpectedly has two extra children to care for. Family crisis and end up with extra children to care for temporarily? Struggling to support them? All the clothes and bedding they need provided, thanks to your clothes donations. This woman passes on her thanks. Posted by Sharewear Clothing […]

  • Replacing Everything Lost in a Fire

    Clothes, shoes, duvet, pillows, bedding, towels and curtains. All provided from your donations, to help this young man get back on his feet. Posted by Sharewear Clothing Scheme on Wednesday, 21 March 2018 Clothes, shoes, duvet, pillows, bedding, towels and curtains all provided from your donations today, to help this young man get back on […]

  • Ashfield and Mansfield Children’s Referral Centre Opens

    On the launch day of our Ashfield and Mansfield Children’s Referral Centre it was very exciting to welcome our very first clothes donors, who had travelled from Skegby after seeing an article about the launch in local paper, The Chad. Here they are handing the donation to Pioneer Minister Julie Cotterril who is heading up […]

  • Weekend Clothes Drop-Off Points

    You can now drop off your clothes donations on Saturdays at Sherwood Methodist Church 10.30 am until 12.30 pm in the container pictured. This church is located at the junction of Mansfield Road and Devon Drive. Their coffee bar is open at this time. You can also drop them at St Andrew’s church on Sundays […]

  • Putting Sharewear on the Map!

    Thanks to the recognition by Amnesty UK of the work of our CEO Louise Cooke, Sharewear now appears on an interactive map of Britain! Find us in Nottingham. See the map here.    

  • Everything You Need and a New Favourite Jumper

    “I’ve officially got a new favourite jumper” said a woman who had come to us  today in need of a whole wardrobe.  Once again both the psychological and physical impact of our clothing support was very clear. This jumper meant the world to the woman, but on a practical note, before she left,  we heard […]

  • Clothes Beyond the Reach of So Many Families

      When asked what difference clothes from Sharewear make to her clients, Jessica from Nottingham City Homes said “Basically without Sharewear they can forget clothes for their kids! They can’t even pay the rent or put food on the table.”  This is the difference your clothes donations make to families like the six referrals we […]

  • Fashion Show in Freezing Conditions

    We had some lovely feedback from the Sit Up Service that is being run by the British Red Cross, Framework and Nottingham City Council at London Road Fire Station to provide shelter for homeless people from sub-zero temperatures. We have been providing them with coats and clothes this winter. Kayleigh, Emergency Response Officer, said people […]

  • Half-Term Volunteering

    Great to have help from young people once again on their half-term holiday today. At the same time as making a further delivery to ward F20 of the QMC we were able to do an audit of male clothing, so that we are ready for the next one! Feedback from ward staff shows that our […]