Clothes Transforming Lives

sharewear clothing scheme

Imagine the scenario: You’ve known about an interview which will get you back into work and out of crisis for weeks. You’ve passed all the pre-interview tests and already made a good impression. But then, your crisis deepens temporarily and not only can’t you buy clothes for the interview,  but you lose  your home and all your possessions. You end up with the clothes on your back. Typical when you are just days away from that important interview! What do you do? Ask Citizens Advice for help, where you get an immediate referral to Sharewear. You walk all the way to Arnold from the city centre because, whatever happens, you must get those interview clothes! They are the key to everything. At Sharewear you get, at no cost whatsoever, a suit, including waistcoat, shirts, a tie and a brand new pair of Dock Martin shoes. You get warm clothes for the streets and help with finding a place in the Winter Night Shelter to tide you over, so you don’t have to attend your interview from a night on the streets. You get signposted to all the cheap hot meals and free sandwiches and soup available in the city. You get your bus fare back to the city and the chance to use your ticket to cross the city again to access hot food.  Your day started on a pavement in despair. It ended knowing that in just a few short days you have a brilliant chance of getting that job.

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