Combatting Crisis through Clothing

sharewear clothing scheme

“Our whole life changed in seconds!” That’s what this family said today. What do you do in the following situation? Who do you turn to for help? You are nearing the end of your maternity leave so money is running very low. Your husband loses his job and the house insurance comes up for renewal. You can’t afford to pay the new premium this week so you make plans to do it the next week, when you return to your job. But…..your house catches fire and burns down and you lose absolutely everything. You are put into emergency temporary accommodation at the cost of £200 per week, yes per WEEK. Thanks to a referral from Nottingham and District Citizens Advice Bureau this family was provided by us today with enough clothes for baby and for themselves, plus bedding and curtains for when they can afford to rent a place of their own. This will thankfully be very soon because mum was able to get all the correct clothes she needed to wear for her job, which she returns to next week.

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