Hallowe’en comes early to Sharewear!

Had a bit of crisis today at Sharewear — a power cut!! However, this didn’t deter the team. As regular volunteers were busy for half-term holiday it was time to get the subs off the bench! Being super-subs, they didn’t let a little cold and darkness stop them and, working by the light of mobile phones, we still managed to help a local family in temporary crisis. In addition to this we provided bedding to 8 adults through our outreach work with Right Choice Housing Association. Well done team!!  Our figures for October are as follows: 96 people clothed, 45 of which were through outreach. This breaks down to 18 men, 38 women and 40 children. Thanks to all those who have been on rota, or have donated during October, for helping us to achieve this.

sharewear clothing scheme
Super-subs save the day.

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