Husband and Wife 4,000 miles Apart Clothed by Sharewear

sharewear clothing scheme

In just a few hours in October we have clothed 44 people through our three different ways of operating. One of them was this lady, who has arrived in Stapleford with her small son this week, having fled the island of Dominica where Hurricanes Irma and Maria have completely destroyed everything. She was brought to us for help by the Independent Councillor for Stapleford North, (pictured here) having also received help from the local Stapleford community. We were able to provide clothing for her and her son. Very shortly her husband, still on the island, will be helped by Sharewear too, as we are working with a local charity which is sending a shipping container of aid to the island. Due to our terrible summer in the UK we have a large surplus of very flimsy summer clothing which will sit at our base until next summer, when it could be helping people in the meantime. So, being confident that our clothes donors will have supplied us with more summer clothing by next summer, we are delighted to be able to respond to this emergency request for clothes suitable for the Carribean. Truly SHARING our clothes where most needed.

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