International Effort Makes Light Work of our Move

sharewear clothing scheme

27 volunteers from multiple countries worked together as the perfect team today to pull off the mammoth task of relocating our premises. There are no words good enough to express our enormous thanks to our regular volunteer team plus: George Hagen; Steve, Angela and Matthew Cooke and Donna Laver; Savanna Rags; HSBC for giving Steve a volunteering day to act as driver etc;; volunteer’s teenage daughters; former volunteers; Corey Earl; Bill Walton and a team from his British Red Cross Refugee Welcome Group, and Geoff the Masked Bookseller. With special superhuman thanks to Backo Yves and Bridget Obereki! Apart from our mission to alleviate #ClothingPoverty , this diversity in our teamwork is exactly what we are all about. #TeamSharewear

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