“It’s Like Going Clothes Shopping- but Free!”


Sharewear would like to express our enormous thanks to a financial donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, for their generous donation of £3,500.  The donor has worked at one of our referral agents and had very satisfied feedback from our clients every time they referred someone to us for help. “We didn’t feel like we were receiving charity at all” the clients said. “We could choose our own clothes and shoes, just like being in a shop!” This fact, says our donor, gave their service users ” a very dignified experience, where they felt they had been warmly welcomed and given so much personal help by the competent volunteers”  After seeing that we have been trying to raise £5000 to match our current funds and be able to afford more suitable premises for the coming year, our donor felt they had to help because they “understand just how important the service is.”

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