Our Clothes Turning Around a Crisis

sharewear clothing scheme

“What you are doing here is beautiful!” was the comment from this man when the team today were able to help him and his family with clothes and bedding.  “We were really hoping that 2017 was going to be a better year for us, but so far things have just got worse. At least now we have been housed, but that’s not much good without the bedding and curtains you have given us too.” The thing this family liked the most was the ‘Cars’ matching bedding for their son. “He will actually sleep in his own bed now, instead of ours,” they said, adding that  the upheaval of three different types of temporary accommodation had been a lot for their son, as well as them, to bear. Now hopefully our clothes will be part of the start of a better time for them. This is the impact your generous donations have. So, on their behalf, thank you.

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