Serving others on Good Friday

sharewear clothing scheme

Today at Sharewear, although not officially open, we clothed three Nottingham families in need. Since the start of 2016 we have now clothed 300 people in Nottingham, thanks to the wonderful generosity of our clothes donors. Our founding principle was, and will forever remain, the guide laid down in the Gospel, “I was naked and you clothed me” ( Matthew 25:36).  Therefore, once or twice a year, when there is a particular need in another part of the country or the world, we respond to that need by sending a very small amount of very specific clothing to that place. Examples include Nepal after the earthquake and flood victims in the north of England. We believe that to follow our guiding principle fully and to ethically ‘share’ clothes which may otherwise spoil if stored for a long time, we have a responsibility to do this. We don’t try to hide that we do it, and we have previously posted details online. Whilst Sharewear will always be a scheme to help local people going through all kinds of crises, from time to time we will respond to an appeal if our stock levels are high enough for us to do so without it effecting how many clothes we have on site for local service users. Today we did just that, by sending six small boxes of specific clothing items to Calais. These six boxes will make a lot of difference to the people in Calais, but they have not made the slightest impact on our stock levels. Thanks to the increasing numbers of donors supporting our work, we have three rooms full from floor to ceiling of clothes and bedding to give to Nottingham people in need, for whom we function. Today, on Good Friday, it was even more appropriate for us to do this as Jesus gave his life so that ALL could have life, and have it to the full. Thank you for helping us to treat others, whoever they may be, as if they were Christ.

sharewear clothing scheme


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