Sharing our Clothes in Sneinton

sharewear clothing scheme

It’s been a very productive few days at Sharewear. Thanks to the generous response to our recent appeal for older children’s clothes, we have been able to re-structure our children’s room. Now our stock has a more balanced range of  clothes from different age-groups, so we are better able to meet the needs of every family who needs our help, no matter what the age of their children. The re-structure has also meant that we have been able to deal with the surplus of clothes we had in certain age-groups.  The empty boxes above show how much stock we have been able to send for distribution to families in need in the community. Each of these boxes was then filed up again with clothes for older children in our premises, which we previously didn’t have enough of. So thank you to all of you who donated following our appeal! The distribution of baby and small children’s clothes will be done by Community Organisers in Sneinton, who today received enough clothes for 50 local children in need. Only your generosity helps us to provide so many quality clothes to so many people. Thanks to Teresa, Linda, Helen, Jean and Ian who all put in extra volunteering hours this week to achieve the re-structure and distribution.

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