Small Change — Big Difference


sharewear clothing scheme

Ever wondered how many 20p coins fit into a Smartie tube? Or 10p coins into a jam jar? Why not try it and find out? We are launching our small change fundraising appeal to make it easy for everyone to help us financially simply by dropping your small change into something in your home. workplace, school etc. Whenever you are ready, drop it off with us and we will add it to our giant bottle to see how much we can raise. It doesn’t matter if it’s 1p coins or 20p coins, it all adds up. Your small change can make a big difference to someone’s life. By helping us to pay our rent on our premises you are ensuring we can continue to clothe people in crisis in Notts.  We can continue to help them get out of the benefits system and into work; out of crime, drugs or alcohol and  into rehabilitation; out of an abusive relationship and into a supportive community. Your small change will mean that our clothing can go on helping our beneficiaries to combat crisis and create change in their own lives. Share your small change stories and ideas with us!

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