Supporting Breast Cancer Research

sharewear clothing schemeToday, between helping those who had come to our base and delivering to our partner organisations, we took the time to support a cause very close to our hearts. By posting a series of photos on Instagram with the hashtags #timetoendbreastcancer and #elcdonates we have donated £152 to breast cancer research without it costing us a penny! It’s so simple to do. For each Instagram post with those hashtags Esteé Lauder Company will donate £19 to this research. If each of our supporters posted just one photo with those hashtags imagine how much money we could raise, and how many lives we could help save through improved early detection and new treatments that research is helping to develop each year. This October Estee Lauder are hoping to raise $8 million for this cause. Although yesterday was the Day of the Girl, Backo and Sean being in this photo helps to remind us that men get breast cancer too.

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