Thank You’s All Round

sharewear clothing scheme
Thank you card left at Sharewear

A massive thank you to all of the Sharewear team who turned up today to help run the Garden Sale, which went ahead in an improvised way in spite of the weather!! And thank you to those who came down and bought a few items. Not forgetting a big thank you to the people who donated things to us to sell in the first place! Together our combined efforts managed to raise £246. Not bad for a very thrown together indoor version of what should have been an outdoor event!! Well done everyone!! At the end of the day the thank you card in the photo was found on our desk. It really reminds us why we have the sales we do, go to the lengths we go to, and work so hard to keep Sharewear going. It’s all to help people like James. So James, whoever, you are– you are vey welcome.

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