Transforming Lives Through Clothing Support

sharewear clothing scheme

“Now I can start living my own life again.” Today we were once again reminded of the terrible impact #UKClothingPoverty has on people in all kinds of circumstances, and the power clothing support has to help people transform their lives. A woman, the last of 11 referrals in an incredibly busy session, who got all the clothes and bedding she needed for the relocation of herself and her four children after fleeing domestic violence, cried as she said the words at the start of this post. Previously all of her clothing had been controlled by her partner and today she felt liberated by being able to access the clothes she would choose to wear. Earlier in the day we heard squealing and wondered what was wrong, but it was a woman literally squealing with delight at the top of her voice at the beautiful clothes and coat she had been able to find. The day had begun with us providing essential baby equipment along with all new-born baby clothing and bedding for a mum with a 5 day old baby. Providing clothing support to 14 adults and 17 children in one day, as well as providing bulk clothing to the Nottingham Winter Night Shelter and Forget-Me-Notts wasn’t a challenge, because of the non-stop work of our dedicated volunteer team and the generosity of our clothes donors.

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