Author: Louise Cooke

  • Dominica to Receive Post-Hurricane Aid From Sharewear

    Six referrals made for an extremely busy session today! On top of this we finalised our delivery for our Nottingham partners who are supporting the work of the International Foundation for the Development of Haitians, a registered charity on the island of Dominica, in the Caribbean. We loaded up the van with 25 bags, including […]

  • New Young People Join the Team

    It was wonderful to welcome 3 young people to our volunteer team today. Aine, Francesca and Jasmine are all Year 12 students at Christ The King Catholic Academy, and will be volunteering on alternate Friday afternoons with us. We are always happy to welcome young people on to the team, to provide them with great […]

  • Sharing Recognition

    On Friday, as well as clothing five referred families and delivering to a new outreach partner, we took time out to share the award that our CEO Louise Cooke received last week from One Nottingham and Nottingham City Council  ‘in recognition of her contribution to the City of Nottingham.’ Because, of course, the award really […]

  • Husband and Wife 4,000 miles Apart Clothed by Sharewear

    In just a few hours in October we have clothed 44 people through our three different ways of operating. One of them was this lady, who has arrived in Stapleford with her small son this week, having fled the island of Dominica where Hurricanes Irma and Maria have completely destroyed everything. She was brought to […]

  • 63% Soar in Referrals in September

    130 people were clothed at our base by referral in September. This figure is usually no more than 80 in a month. This represents half of the people we helped in September, the other half being clothed by delivery to trusted outreach partners and distribution via Mobile Sharewear. Each week more referral agencies are joining […]

  • Like Shopping, But Free

    Five referrals on another very busy afternoon. This lady is now completely set up for clothes, having come to us with just the clothes on her back.  We were also busy responding to requests for help from outreach partners old and new.

  • Sharewear on the Road

    Mobile Sharewear took to the road tonight. This is where we work with trusted partners to distribute clothes to people attending a project being run by the partner, on a monthly basis. Distribution is closely supervised and records taken, exactly the same as the way we work at our base. The only difference is, we […]

  • Happy Families On and Off Site

    A smaller than usual team today worked incredibly hard to clothe three families on site. These included this woman with just one of her 4 children we helped. But we also clothed large numbers of other people and families by delivery to two outreach partners. There is no let up in the need for our […]

  • Too Busy to Stop

    That feeling when, nine families later, you realise that you have been too busy to stop — never mind take a photo! We have already clothed more people on site in half of September than we would normally clothe in a whole month. The number of referral agents we work with increases by at least […]