Author: Louise Cooke

  • Tuntum Housing Volunteers at Sharewear

    Thanks to the team of volunteers from Tuntum Housing last week we were able to get stuck in to some much-needed changes at our base whilst our regular volunteers were busy helping people with referrals.,

  • Only One School Shirt All Week

    On another busy session, someone we helped was delighted to get the clothes she needed for an interview for a job she desperately needs, and this lovely coat to wear on the day too. In addition, she was so pleased to get enough school shirts for every day of the week for her son. ” […]

  • Arnold View Primary Joins Sharewear Schools

    Pupils at Arnold View Primary School enjoyed their launch assembly with Paddington, learning about how their school and Sharewear can support each other.  One plan is that the children who are treated for 100% attendance might get the chance to come and spend some time volunteering at our base with their teachers! Not sure that […]

  • Southwark Primary joins Sharewear Schools

    Southwark Primary school, Old Basford, recently joined our Sharewear Schools Partnership Programme. Pupils from years 4, 5 and 6 enjoyed the launch assembly with Paddington and the school has fundraising plans and other ideas in the pipeline for supporting our work. Two music groups from the school hope to take part in our forthcoming Sharewear […]

  • Sustainable Deliveries

    The number of our outreach partners is increasing rapidly meaning that buying bags for delivery is becoming a drain on our funds, as well as being bad for the environment. So it has been a real breakthrough to welcome a new volunteer who is a seamstress and is making us reusable delivery bags from old […]

  • British Red Cross Emergency Response

      Today we were pleased to be able to respond to our first request from the British Red Cross Emergency Response Unit for Central England, by processing a delivery of clothes, coats and bedding for a family of 7 affected by fire in the Midlands. Pictured are the volunteers who put this delivery together.

  • Local Councillor Asks Prime Minister to Recognise Our Work

    Today our CEO Louise Cooke received a letter from the Prime Minister, highlighting her as a Point of Light, after Stapleford North Councillor Richard McRae had written to the PM about her work at Sharewear. Of Course, there are 40 of us voluntarily working at Sharewear so those volunteers at the session this afternoon were […]

  • No Break at Half-Term

    Six referrals in two hours when most of the world is on half-term! One family and lots of single adults helped today. Here, volunteer Backo helps a staff member from NNRF take clothes for two men. Plus ongoing work processing a stream of deliveries went on at the same time!

  • All Ages Helped at Sharewear

    Amongst the three referrals we worked with today was one from our referral agent, Age UK Nottingham and Notts.  This gentleman joked that this was only the third photo, with volunteer and trustee George, that he’d ever had taken in his life! Whether or not that’s true, what IS true is that he was delighted […]