Author: Louise Cooke

  • “It’s Like Going Clothes Shopping- but Free!”

    Sharewear would like to express our enormous thanks to a financial donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, for their generous donation of £3,500.  The donor has worked at one of our referral agents and had very satisfied feedback from our clients every time they referred someone to us for help. “We didn’t feel like we were receiving […]

  • Starting School the Sharewear Way

     As September got under way, we clothed three families today at Sharewear. A family of four being rehoused were able to get everything they needed for each member of the family, including duvets and bedding. The little girl above was part of another family of four, currently living in temporary accommodation, and she is starting […]

  • Wet Weather Wellies

     The wet weather didn’t deter a stream of families from flooding into Sharewear today.  21 people were clothed from 7 referrals, including an unborn child. The truth behind the propaganda which  programmes such as Benefits Street pedal was clear to see. One of our clients was a family on benefits with five children, paying rent because […]

  • A Productive Session and Plans for the Future

    This week at Sharewear we clothed 24 people on site from 5 referrals, and 17 people were clothed at our distribution point  Asian Women’sProject.  Plans are also getting firmed up for our concert at the Trinity school on 12th October. It promises to  a brilliant evening , featuring Britain’s Got Talent contestants, members of the […]

  • Quality Control at Sharewear

    A quieter day than normal gave us time to devote ourselves to quality control, making sure all our stock is up to standard. Our guideline is “If we wouldn’t wear it ourselves or want to see one of our family members in it, it doesn’t make it into stock”. Thanks to all those who brought […]

  • Sharewear Clothes Now Distributed Five Days A Week

    More and more people are turning to Sharewear for help to combat the crises in their lives and create change. Today, at our main base we had eight referrals, clothing sixteen people, and responded to an emergency request from the midwives of City Hospital to clothe a baby boy born just last night. Thanks to your […]

  • Inundated with Requests for Help

    Each week at Sharewear we just seem to keep getting busier and busier! Today we were rushed off our feet with eight referrals, clothing 28 people. Included in that were the Romanian street homeless couple above, who have only been in Nottingham for two days after several years working in Spain. Having very little English they […]

  • Four Fabulous Fundraisers

    Want to #Save Sharewear? Help us clothe another 1000 people in the next 6 months. Here are four easy ways that you and your friends can make sure that we have a long term future, because the need for our service just keeps on growing and we have become a vital part of the voluntary sector […]

  • All Hands on Deck in Spite of Funding Crisis

    This week at Sharewear we clothed 14 people from 6 referrals as well as 43 women at Nottingham Women’s Centre annual summer party. Two new volunteers started and lots of fantastic clothes donations were dropped off. Its amazing that the number of our clothes donors continues to grow as does the number of volunteers, but […]