Author: Louise Cooke

  • Knitting and Surfing

    Margaret (middle) was looking for an organisation to knit for. It had to be someone helping local people, a grassroots organisation and someone who would give her knitted creations away completely free. So she was delighted when her new neighbour Mandy helped her out with a bit of internet surfing and found us. There are […]

  • St. John Houghton Joins Sharewear Schools

    Last week St. John Houghton CVA, Kirk Hallam, became the 14th school to join our Sharewear Schools partnership programme. It was great to formalise our relationship after the school has already been supporting us for over three years. There is even a Sharewear team made up of pupils of different ages, who coordinate clothing collections […]

  • Sharewear Captured on Film

    We welcomed Jim Boxall to our session today, who is making a promotional short film of our work. Across two days Jim has been able to not only capture all current aspects of our operations but also capture our origins and development.  The session was as busy as ever, with 7 referrals. Thanks to all […]

  • Like Clothes Shopping but Free

    In this freezing weather one of the people we helped today went home wearing the clothes she had been able to get from our stocks straight away!. Boots, hat, scarf and gloves, jumpers, jeans and brand new shoes and slippers with the tags still on. She was so overwhelmed with the quality of the clothes […]

  • Emergency Response for Adult Social Care

    Although closed today, thanks to help from volunteer Helen, we were able to respond to an extremely urgent request from the Older Adults Team of Adult Social Care, Gedling. Their member of staff was able to take everything she needed to support the man in urgent need and help to get him on a cycle […]

  • Five More Families Clothed

    Too busy providing clothing support to five large families today to even take time out for a photo!  Children of every age and men and women from a range of backgrounds with a range of needs were all delighted with the clothes and bedding they received, thanks to the generosity of our clothes donors and […]

  • New Year, New Baby, New Clothes

    This proud new dad today was delighted to get beautiful clothes, including hand-crocheted ones, for his newborn daughter.  With our support, thanks to your donations,  he now has plenty of baby supplies to last the first few months of his daughters life.

  • Knickers Instead of Cards

    Today we had a visit from one of our founding members, Annette Scholes, who delivered packs of new knickers and pants totalling 70 pairs. Annette had worked out that the cost of buying these for us would be no more than the cost of Christmas cards plus postage to all her friends. So… most of […]

  • Family of Six Affected by Fire Supported at End of Year

    Although closed today, we were able to respond to an emergency for a family of six in Nottingham, whose house and contents was lost to fire last week. After a referral from the British Red Cross Emergency Response Unit the family were initially unable to get to us for help last week. After a plea […]