Clothing Poverty Awareness Day 2018

Today, UK Clothing Poverty Awareness day, marks a special point in our development. More people came to see our film ‘Sharewear: Uncovered ‘ at Broadway cinema than saw Jurassic World yesterday! Everyone was really impressed with the quality of the film and brilliant questions were asked afterwards which helped us unpick even more how people can support us. If you want to mark the day, get one person to like and follow our page and ask that person to do the same etc. Ask your employer to get involved financially. Share this trailer, so that people who missed the whole film can at least get a flavour of what #clothingpoverty is all about.

Photos show our little celebration afterwards. Special thanks go to Broadway Cinema, Random Surfer Ltd for sponsoring the event, Sandra Austerfield for her brilliant marketing campaign and the wonderful Jim Boxall– amazing filmmaker @TheJoyOfBox. And of course to all those who came and supported. Thank you all.


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