New Volunteers Join the Team

New Volunteers Join the Team

shearewear clothings scheme

At a very busy session today at Sharewear we clothed five families with members ranging from an unborn baby boy to a 67 year-old grandma.  A visitor from Recycle and Free in Sherwood Facebook group, who support our work , was so blown away by the range and quality of clothing and the numbers of people we were helping that she has put a very emotional post on their group page. And best of all, we welcomed Shaun, pictured, who came for an interview to join us as a volunteer. Shaun is committing to both of our sessions every week and is going to be such a brilliant asset to our team. We still desperately need more volunteers to join Shaun, especially for Friday mornings. You don’t have to come to both sessions every week, but we do ask that you commit to at least one of our time-slots and come at least fortnightly if possible. We need drivers, donations processors, loaders and unloaders, and shop floor assistants. Time slots are Fridays 10am –12.30pm, 11am– 1pm,  1pm –3pm  or Wednesdays 12.30pm — 3pm  Why not make 2017 the year that you join Shaun and the rest of the team?


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