UK Clothing Poverty Awareness Day 9 June 2018

We are VERY excited to announce our launch of UK Clothing Poverty Awareness Day 2018, Saturday 9th June. Help us to start a wider conversation about the fact that in spite of clothing poverty being rife in the general population of our cities, it never gets mainstream media coverage. In the last 4 years we have provided clothing support to thousands of men, women and children in Notts and are now being asked to help other local cities do the same. If you support us in any way at all please share this post so that, together, we can get the whole county of Notts and the whole country talking about the hidden scandal of clothing poverty.

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing tips on how to mark UK Clothing Poverty Awareness Day. Tips for today are: share this post, talk about it on twitter using @SharewearNotts and #UKClothingPoverty and get people to come to the FREE Premiere of our film, “Uncovered” that day.…


sharewear clothing scheme

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